Was ist Samba de Gafieira?

Samba de Gafieira is a dance style, derived from Maxixe. Dance emerged in Rio de Janeiro in the twentieth century as an urban rhythm.


Of African origin, strong, engaging and characteristic rhythm, samba has become a symbol in Brazil. Samba de Gafieira was not well regarded by society, as it did not correspond to good morals at that time, perhaps because it emphasized the sensuality and wiggle of the woman, or because it was usually danced in cabarets at that time.


The dance has undergone several transformations, and nowadays the dance is considered challenging, cheerful and playful, keeping the wit and confidence of the leader and the follower exudes sensuality. Improvisation and freedom are part of this dance in an essential way. There is a lot of guidelines and aesthetics elements that make samba looks like samba, but there is no hard rules and the possibilities are endless.