Heitor Libânio graduated in administration and post graduated in social service. In 2002, he started his studies of forró and its strands as Forró Pé de Serra and Forró Eletrônico in Brasília. In 2007, he became monitor at Forró Ispilicute and also started to give private classes. 2010, he started studying other kinds of dance as Zouk and Samba by having classes, workshops and going to festivals as well. In order to improve his technique, balance, musicality, body expression and motor coordination, he got classes with Jaime Arôxa. He gave classes of Forró Pé de Serra at Vem Dançar gym and at Caribeño in Brasília. He has a project called “Forró pelo mundo” and he travels around the world spreading the forróculture through classes and videos, he also uses this channel to show his work as choreographer. Now he brings a new proposal for forró working musicality, balance, freedom of the lady, harmony, personality, creativity inside forró and the use of the Brazilian culture on forró.

Joana Correia was born in Dortmund and graduated in social work. She has always been fascinated by different types of arts, cultures and dances. Her first contact with forró was during her exchange year in Salvador da Bahia(Brasil)at the age of 16 where passion began. From 2015 to 2016 she assisted regular forró classes and workshops in Hamburg. Right now she is living her passion and starts offering regular forró classes with her partner Heitor Libânio in Dortmund. While dancing forró, Joana forgets everything around and flows with the beautiful rhythms. Her main focus lies on the convenience for both dance partners, on connection and on expressing the music together.