Heitor Libânio graduated in administration and post graduated in social service. In 2002, he started his studies of forró and its strands as Forró Pé de Serra and Forró Eletrônico in Brasília. In 2007, he became monitor at Forró Ispilicute and also started to give private classes. 2010, he started studying other kinds of dance as Zouk and Samba by having classes, workshops and going to festivals as well. In order to improve his technique, balance, musicality, body expression and motor coordination, he got classes with Jaime Arôxa. He gave classes of Forró Pé de Serra at Vem Dançar gym and at Caribeño in Brasília. He has a project called “Forró pelo mundo” and he travels around the world spreading the forróculture through classes and videos, he also uses this channel to show his work as choreographer. Now he brings a new proposal for forró working musicality, balance, freedom of the lady, harmony, personality, creativity inside forró and the use of the Brazilian culture on forró.

Luís Fernando started his dance life late enough (24 years old) to proves that you don’t need to born dancing to achieve your goals in this field. No forró, no samba background. His situation and tools by the time he started dancing was just martial arts, introversion, shyness, a broken heart (of a champion 😉) and the decision to understand human beings better and to achieve a better version of himself. The first contact was with Samba de Gafieira classes and as a nerd and a fighter he used his traits to his advantage: the discipline, the focus on studying relentless and the physical stamina made him fly through the learning curve of Gafieira which led him to start giving classes after 1.5 years. And about forró? Luís had the privilege to be born in Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais, one of the most (if not the most) rich scenes of forró in the world. Was the perfect laboratory to learn about human behavior on the social dance environment and how to create special and captivating dance experiences.